Big Ten Academic Alliance

“Reflection, Collaboration, Community,” Oakdale Community Choir Performance and Discussion for the Big Ten Academic Alliance Music Education Conference, October 17, 2019.

“Welcome to the Land”
“Now I walk in Beauty”
“Songwriting Reflections”
“Intro – May the Stars Remember Your Name”
“May the Stars Remember Your Name”
” UI LABB Description”
“Intro – Puppy Prison Blues”
“Puppy Prison Blues”
“Intro – Make It Through”
“Make it Through”
“Happy Birthday Josh”
“Tower of Strength”
“Gratitude Reflections
“Thank You Very Much”
“Music Education as Activism”
“Intro – Love Moves in Me”
“Love Moves in Me”
“Intro – Remember Be Love”
“Remember Be Love”
“Oakdale Choir collaborations”
“Go With the Flow”
“We Need Peace”
“Intro – Keep On Keepin On”
“Keep On Keepin On”
“Jim McKinney remarks”
“May You Walk in Beauty”