Summer Songwriters

“Personal Reflections from Behind the Walls: X,” Iowa Medical and Classification Center, Songwriting Workshop Performance, August 20, 2019.

“Now I Walk in Beauty”
“Intro – Celebration of Songwriting
“Celebration of Songwriting”
“Intro – Make it Through”
“Make it Through”
“The Corpse You Left”
“Intro – Reach for the Sky”
“Reach for the Sky”
“Intro – Though I Haven’t”
“Though I Haven’t”
“Intro – Listen to the Choir”
“Listen to the Choir”
“Intro – Benzo Piano”
“Benzo Piano”
“Intro – More than a Memory”
“More than a Memory”
“Intro – Breaking Glass”
“Breaking Glass”
“Intro – Untitled”
“Intro – Remember: Be Love”
“Remember: Be Love”
“Intro – Breath Under Water”
“Breath Under Water”
“Intro – Unconditional”
“Intro – The Trail to Abilene”
“The Trail to Abilene”
“May you Walk in Beauty”