Newsletter: March, 2011

IMCC Community Choir Newsletter: Better Late than Never

March 2011


The editors (Jen Gerbyshak and Mary Trachsel) apologize for the inexcusable lateness of this newsletter.  It’s inexcusable, yet we apologize.  Below are excerpts from last term’s choir writing.  Expect more timely editions in the future!  Eds.


Songwriter’s Workshop Performance

I am so glad that I attended the Songwriter’s Workshop performance. The music was definitely engaging, but what really struck me was how much pain was expressed. Of course, one can respond by saying, “Well, duh! They’re in prison!” but that was not the point that I heard. It was the specificity of the hurt that was without blame or rationalization. It was the focused, mindful awareness of the stage they are now at in their lives, a focus primarily on the present rather than the past or the future. I was so impressed by their willingness to share this with each other and with us outsiders—neither self-pity nor macho bravado.
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