Personal Reflections from Behind the Walls V

“Personal Reflections from Inside the Walls IV” Summer Songwriting Workshop, August 19th, 2014 at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center, Coralville, IA.

  1.  “Hillbilly Allen” ….. Phillip Yeoman
  2.  “First Time Fishing & Camping (with Shay Yeager & Jason Palamara) ….. Warren Lovell
  3.  “Falling Further (With Joe Kim) ….. Joshua Lusch
  4.  “So Just Close Your Eyes” (With Jason Palamara) ….. Jason Hyme
  5.  “Don’t” ….. Shay Yeager
  6.  “The Change” ….. Words: Mohandas Ghandi, Music: MAry Cohen
  7.  “Peace Expodes (Sung by Joe Kim) ….. Jim Hahn
  8.  “Listen To Your Heart” ….. Jason Hyme
  9.  “Hear My Name” (Sung by Joe Kim with Jason Palamara) ….. Warren Lovell
  10.  “Drop DEad Gorgeous” ….. Jim Hahn
  11. “Fit For A Funeral” (with Joe Kim) ….. Joshua Lusch
  12.  “A Bit Smaller” ….. Shay Yeager
  13.  “Music in Peace in Your Heart” (Sung by Jason Palamara) ….. Warren Lovell
  14.  “May You Walk in Beauty”