“The Me Some People See”

“The Me Some People See” Oakdale Community Choir Concert, May 10th & 12th, 2016 at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center, Coralville, IA.

  1. “How Can I Keep From Singing” …. Arranged by Ginger Littleton
  2. “Beauty Before Me” …. Written by Kristofer Erik Lindquist
  3. “Toembai” …. Traditional Hebrew Song
  4. “Left Right” …. Written by Max Exner
  5. “The River is Flowing”
  6. “Four Times Bonita” …. Written by Efrain UmaƱa
  7. “The Blessing” …. Words and Music by Brendan Graham and David Downes, Arranged by John Purifoy
  8. “Trapped in Time” …. Words by Bill Lauritzson, Music By Mary Cohen
  9. “Don’t Fence Me In” …. Cole Porter
  10. “Time” …. Words and Music by Shay Yeager
  11. “The Me Some People See” …. Words by Phil Yeoman, Music by Dr. Jason Palamara
  12. “This Little Light” …. Traditional
  13. “The Light that Shines Within” …. Words and Music by Paul Soderdahl
  14. “There is Only Love” …. Words and Music by Michael Gott and Karen Drucker, Arranged by Mary Cohen
  15. “Guantanamera” …. Written by Jose Marti and Jose Fernandez, Arranged by Gene Glickman
  16. “May You Walk in Beauty”