Remember, Be Love (Lyrics)

Remember, Be Love

Music by Rebecca Swanson

Lyrics and spoken parts by Michael E. Blackwell, Sr.

Solos by Lora Morgan Dunham & Samuel Raiche

Rap by Samuel Lockett III (U.K.N.E.A.C)

Now is the time

For action to take center stage

for hearts to lift humanity higher

and love to hug human oppression


What’s going on in this day and age?

Leadership is absent, people’s attitude is rage

What happened to political sage?

When will capitol hill get engaged?

Partisan leadership destroys united

States of America becoming divided

Congress: a fight club, kindness unrequited

People don’t vote because they’re undecided

Democracy feels uninvited…


Life was not designed for us to hate,

But a masterpiece birthed from above

Evil will not be what seals our fate

Forget complaining (do not complain), Remember that 

Every life needs a heart to live 

Every soul wants peace like a dove 

Every wrong is the reason to forgive 

Forget revenge, Remember 

Be love, be love, be love

As a chalk and blood soaks into the concrete seams

A mother’s nightmare becomes an agonizing scream

A war on drugs and gun control be the theme

With a president who only supports one thing

Which is raidin Latin states like drug stings and

Breaking families apart like they a terrorist ring- yeah

But I got more to say…

A preacher and his flock rejoicing God as they pray

Or a nightclub massacred because they were gay

Both gunned down like it’s the American way

White supremacy grows stronger every day

Black on black violence destroys the race

Schools are war zones now, what a disgrace

Because the power is silent, thinkin they saving face

It’s senseless but if love’s relentless pace

Keeps striving and rising love will surely break

And release us with Jesus in true faith

This country can rise again and be great

Remember: be love, and love will be

One nation means division is obsolete

If we stand together with supreme unity

Then love will prosper in all communities.

Humanity must rise above inhumane

Pull our children back into the folds of sane

Use our wealth to be poverty’s bane

Put hate in its hell and let love remain.