“Truth, Justice, and Peace.”

“Truth, Justice, and Peace.” Oakdale Community Choir Concert, December 7 and 15, 2010 at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center, Coralville, IA.


  1. “Beauty Before Me” …..  Kristopher Erik Lindquist
  2. “Al Shlosha D’Varim” ….. Allan E. Naplan                                                        Translation: The world is sustained by three things, but truth, by justice, and by peace
  3. “Deep Peace” ….. Kristopher Erik Lindquist
  4. “Gnelic Blessing” ….. John Leavitt
  5. Sing Along #1  “Joy To The World” Sing Along
  6. * “Whispers from the Dawn” ….. Lyrics by Kenneth Bailey and                  Music by Mary Cohen
  7. Sing Along #2“This is My Song” ….. Lyrics by Lloyd Stone,                       Music by Jean Sibelius and White Christmas
  8. * “My Love Always”….. Lyrics Mark Morgan                                          Music by Mary Cohen
  9. “Silent Night for All the World”….. Lyrics by Joseph Mohr and Pepper Choplin, Music by Franz Gruber and Pepper Choplin                                       Holly Patch, Solo
  10. “Kalinka” ….. Russian Traditional, arranged by Stan Engbretson,                 Eddie Jones, Solo
  11. Sing Along #3  “Jingle Bell Rock” and “May you Walk in Beauty”                                                                                                                                         *Original Song