“Come Walk with Us”

“Come Walk with Us.” Oakdale Community Choir Concert, May 1 and 9, 2012 at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center, Coralville, IA. *Original Song

1. “Beauty Before Me” ….. Kristopher Erik Lindquist  

2. “Come Walk With Us” Intro
3. “Come Walk With Us” ….. South African Song

4. “Wakati Wa Amani” Intro
5. “Wakati Wa Amani” ….. Sally K. Albrecht

6. “Show Us the Way of Compassion” Intro
7. “Show Us the Way of Compassion” ….. Kristopher Erik Lindquist,  Jason Palamara, Violin
8. * “Watching Over Me” Intro
9. * “Watching Over Me” ….. Lyrics by Kenneth Bailey,  Music by Catherine Wilson

10. * “To My Daughter: Amelia Renee” Intro
11. * “To My Daughter: Amelia Renee” ….. Lyrics by Brandon M. Fahrenkrug, Music by Catherine Wilson and Mary Cohen

12. “Breathe Holy Breath” Intro
13. “Breathe Holy Breath” ….. Kristopher Erik Lindquist

14. * “One Look Away” Intro
15. * “One Look Away” ….. Lyrics by Kenneth Bailey, Music by Mary Cohen

16. “Deep River/Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” Intro
17. “Deep River/Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” ….. Arranged by Lowell Everson

18. “So Much More” Intro
19. “So Much More” ….. Arnold Grice

20. “Dock of The Bay” Intro
21. “Dock of The Bay” ….. Lyrics and Music by Steve Cropper and Otis Redding

22. “Just My Imagination” ….. Lyrics and Music by Norman J. Whitefield Arranged by Mac Huff

23. “May you Walk in Beauty” ….. traditional