Newsletter: May, 2009

Meditations from the choir–#2!

May 2009

From the Editor…

            This semester, it has been my pleasure not only to sing with you but also to write with you.  Another pleasure of this semester, for me, has been editing two of these Chorus Newsletters, where our voices come together on the page.  As Dr. Cohen mentioned at the concert, I’m hoping to extend the writing component of the choir into a writers’ workshop at Oakdale.  A couple of you have already let me know you are interested (thanks!).  I hope others of you will be interested as well.  If you can walk, you can dance.  If you can talk, you can sing; if you can read, you can write.

I decided to call this  newsletter “Meditations from the Choir” because each one represents a writer pausing to reflect or meditate upon the experience of Tuesday evening rehearsals in the IMCC testing room.

Mary Trachsel
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